“Chad Kelderman is, by far, the best massage therapist in Seattle. I don’t say this lightly. I have been seeing massage therapists for 15 years for specific issues and for general relaxation. I met Chad two years ago and that was it – no more new massage therapists for me.

Chad is flexible and diverse in his technique, so you don’t feel like you’re getting the same treatment every time. He responds to your needs at that moment and actively listens to what you say you need at the time.

I also went through the 11-session Soma series and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels like their body has changed – either because of aging or an accident or pregnancy & childbirth. I feel much more in tune with my body and the series helped launch a healthier period in my life. I trust Chad, highly recommend him, and have yet to meet a more talented practitioner.”
— Rebecca W., human resources consultant

“Chad is many things – intuitive, strong, conscious – but ultimately he is space: allowing the client to become who she is through the entry point of the body.

Through Chad and the SOMA series, I reclaimed my body, and my life, as my physical being was reworked to release decades of stored energy and emotion. While finished with the series for over a year, I continue to work with Chad to maintain this new-found freedom. I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Chad.”
— Kathy C., business and personal coach

“SOMA Bodywork has given me a much greater appreciation of my body mechanics and its importance in my overall health and lifestyle. As a SOMA practitioner, Chad Kelderman has a wonderful balance of compassion and humor. I highly recommend Chad as a SOMA practitioner as well as a general massage therapist.”
— Jeff B., veterinarian

“I received my Soma Therapist Certification in 1994, and have experienced the Soma Bodywork Sessions four times, the most recent one being with Chad Kelderman, LMP. Chad’s focus and attention in his work is unique among health practitioners.

Soma Neuromuscular Integration is profound in its effect on healing the body. I refer many of my patients to Chad and have seen great results in their healing as Soma’s effect on the soft tissues compliments the effects of the NUCCA chiropractic adjustment technique on spinal balance.

I confidently recommend Chad as the best Soma Therapist I know of in the Seattle area.”
— Margaret B., Doctor of Chiropractic

“I highly recommend Chad as a massage practitioner! On the strength of the chair massages he did at my office, I ended up doing the whole SOMA series with Chad. What an amazing experience. Chad really listens to his clients’ words and their bodies and achieves excellent results.”
— Laurel T., software integration

“Chad Kelderman is an excellent massage therapist who utilizes SOMA Bodywork in his practice. I first met Chad when he was doing chair massage at Washington Mutual Bank. Based on the fantastic results I got from his 20 minute chair massage, I signed up for his complete 11 session bodywork series. Over the course of the sessions, I noticed a significant change in my body and emotional state. The transformation was incredible. I ran faster with less soreness and found myself to be less tired during the day.

Along with the positive physical changes, I also noticed a greater emotional awareness and understanding of the connection between mind and body. I continue to have massage sessions with Chad on a monthly to bi-monthly basis and highly recommend him to other potential clients. If you are looking to make a postive change in your life, physically and emotionally, he is the person to help guide you on your way!”
— Kristin D., recruiter

“Sometimes our body needs more than a good massage – it needs to develop new ways to function in the world.

That’s why I went to Chad Kelderman for a series of Soma Bodywork sessions. Chad had come highly recommended by one of the best yoga teachers in Seattle and I could tell, from the very first phone discussion, that he was alive to my needs.

Chad employs a profound sensitivity to very subtle changes in the body. When he works on my body, he pays close attention to slight changes in breath, areas of tension or resistance, and hidden opportunities for release and freedom.

Chad also offers a range of traditional massage therapies in addition to Soma Bodywork.

If you want to feel more “in” your body, move with greater freedom, and create new possibilities for the future, then you couldn’t do better than Chad Kelderman.”

— Barry B., marketing executive

“Chad is very in tune with the way our bodies work. Not only can he give you a great massage to help release stress, but he can offer suggestions for keeping that stress at bay. His demeanor is very relaxing and comforting, ensuring that the massage will be an optimal experience.”
— Michelle L., architect

“Chad is a professional, and has a very calming way about him. He can tell exactly what muscles need work and after body work with him, your whole body will feel different, better and more relaxed. He is great for a one time massage when you need it or for a complete Soma Bodywork package.”
— Chelea K., financial advisor

“You guided and coaxed me through a darkness I couldn’t see the end of. Your hope and confidence became my ability to persist. My enthusiasm became your encouragement. Our dance of ultimate human optimism is a life-long treasure. You have inspired me to re-write the scenario of my destiny.”
— Lanii C., dancer/somatic educator

“Having experienced SOMA [Bodywork], I will never go back to any other kind of massage technique. The physical and emotional benefits have been tremendous.”
— Ann E., Vocal Coach

“I have never really liked my body – always have felt a bit uncomfortable in my skin. Through the process of SOMA and the exercises Chad gave me, I am happier with my physical self than I have been in most of my 40 years.”
— Ann Z., mother/homemaker