SOMA Bodywork

Relieve your aches & pains. Feel more alive and engaged. Renew your energy. Think more clearly.

“Having experienced SOMA [Bodywork], I will never go back to any other kind of massage technique. The physical and emotional benefits have been tremendous.”
— Ann E., Vocal Coach   [read more]


Before SOMA

After SOMA

Session 1

Your life has its ups and downs. Over time, the effects accumulate in your body. Whether from trauma, injury, misuse, or age, the connective tissue – or fascia – in your body can become glued together. This muscle restriction can result in pain, poor posture and a general lack of vitality. You move, think, and feel less freely. It is time to get you unstuck!

“Through the SOMA Bodywork series, I reclaimed my body, and my life, as my physical being was reworked to release decades of stored energy and emotion …”
— Kathy C., business and personal coach   [read more]

SOMA Bodywork, or SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®, is an 11-session series of deep tissue bodywork that releases, realigns and re-educates your body. SOMA Bodywork re-boots your internal energy and reconnects you to your life’s potential. So it is time to re-call where your phone is and re-dial today for a free consultation!

SOMA Bodywork can remove the blocks that keep you from feeling more at ease and comfortable your own skin. SOMA Bodywork can help you feel lighter, younger, and ready for whatever comes your way.

While the greatest benefit is gained from the full 11-session series of SOMA Bodywork (each session is about 90 minutes), you can still gain benefit from “a la carte” sessions.